vrijdag 11 april 2014
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Het is lang geleden dat hier iets over Blender geschreven is. Ze zullen nu een nieuwe film maken die toch wel revolutionair genoemd mag worden. Er zal van over heel de wereld aan 1 animatiefilm gewerkt worden.
En uiteraard azen ze op uw erfenis, en dit lijkt mij een beter goed doel dan ...

8 jaar geleden
Dear Gooseberry supporter,

This Thursday the biggest Blender crowdfunding campaign ever will be wrapped up. We already have a great result! Thousands of people subscribed and pledged. More than enough to do something amazing here in Blender Cloud with you and for you.

However, the main target - a feature animation film - is still only at 65%. We need to find another 1600 people to pledge for a film credit or subscribe to Blender Cloud to make this possible. The question is - where are these people... are there still so many waiting to give us a last minute surprise?

We'll find out in 5 days :) On Thursday May 8, 1700 UTC.

What you can do:

Find us one person (or your company!) to sign up for a pledge or membership too.
Keep buzzing positive energy in the social media and on forums.

And if we don't make it - well - there’s no harm, no disasters will happen, there’s no deception really. We will just do something smaller... a great short film here in Blender Institute, building on the cloud platform features and videos. We will present this more in detail after the deadline though, also to give people who pledged a new alternative to opt in for - or get the refund.

I wish you a great day, also on behalf of everyone in the Gooseberry teams,

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